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A preventive request is an effective legal mechanism that allows persons concerned to submit their arguments to Interpol regarding a possible red notice publication before it is actually published and circulated worldwide. Once a preventive request is submitted, a permanent line of communication is opened up between Interpol, the NCB of the relevant country, and the lawyers of the person concerned. As soon as the preventive request is found admissible by Interpol, it starts to be effective and significantly impedes the risk of an immediate and unexpected red notice publication. Interpol will consider a preventive request once the NCB of the relevant country asks for a red notice publication. Thus, a preventive request cannot harm a person concerned if a red notice publication is never requested because it is only triggered when a red notice publication is requested. After the NCB of the relevant country asks for a red notice to be published regarding a person concerned, Interpol, knowing that a preventive request is already in place, may deny immediate circulation of a red notice, asking the NCB to provide answers and comments regarding the arguments raised in the preventive request. Lawyers of the person concerned in such a case will also be informed about the fact that NCB has asked for a red notice publication. In fact, the red notice may not be published by Interpol pending the consideration of the preventive request on the merits.


After the submission of the preventive request, such a red notice will be "frozen," and Interpol member countries will not see it in their information systems.

Therefore, the situation becomes predictable and implies no "surprises" during, for example, passing the border control, such as arrest and detention.

In fact, a preventive request can also initiate the procedure of challenging Interpol's red notice if there is already a notice in place at the time of its submission.

Therefore, a preventive request is very effective because it accomplishes several objectives:

-It allows you to determine whether your data is already being processed by Interpol.

-It enables you to ascertain whether a red notice publication request has been submitted against you.

-It provides you with the opportunity to block the red notice publication and subsequently have your data deleted from Interpol's files.