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It is important to contact an Interpol red notice lawyer if you find yourself on the red list Interpol. Rules surrounding Interpol alerts are complex, and the organization doesn’t provide legal aid when challenging a Red Notice. You may still be at risk even if Interpol has removed you from the Red Notice alert or has informed the member countries that the Interpol notice has been deleted.

The information remains in local police computers for some time, which may lead to your arrest in specific circumstances. For example, you can be arrested by Red Notice police officers after providing a passport when crossing a border. Therefore, ensure you always carry a copy of the letter indicating that you have been removed from Interpol records.

You can request this red notice letter from the CCF to prove that you are no longer in Interpol’s systems. Finally, you can contact Interpol’s red notice removal lawyers in the country you intend to visit so that the local law enforcement officers can remove your name from their national police databases. Our Interpol red notice lawyers will explain what red notice means, and help you and provide Interpol red notice explanation.